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Ural Power Arc Ignition System (PN10002) SOLD OUT


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Raceway is the exclusive distributor of optically-triggered Ural-specific Power Are Ignition System.Retrofit your Decati or type 3 thur 5 Russian ignitions. Two ignition curves are loaded into the processor – one is standard Ural/Ducati curve, the second curve can be accessed via a momentary on, toggle or VOES switch. Optical reader triggered ignition means on spark scatter on acceleration / deceleration (in other words you get very precise timing). Definite mileage improvement. Aprox 11% power across power curve. Kit contains coil with mount,plug wires spark plugs and module.
– $385.00 Kit   No Ship to; California  


This product is no longer available. Please call power arc to see if they have any. 

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Weight 7 lbs
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