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NEW Raceway’s Keihin Carburetor Metering Needles (PN10332)


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Others have tried – but either price or quality interfered with delivery of a much needed product that allows turning the CVK carburetor for improved low end thru mid range performance.

Raceway needles are CNC machined from Titanium bar stock (so they wont wear out easily) tolerances are held to +/- .00001″ for precise metering – a dimension far closer than the OEM part they replace. Clip rings allow for even more adjustment to compensate for local tuning requirements.

2 clips are provided with each needle. Tuning the mid range “in” results in a more controlled fuel delivery to the engine without such wide throttle settings. Power delivery is impressive.

Simple installation  – requires only a Phillips  Screwdriver and pliers to install clip.

Price: sold as pairs only $39.95 (including 4 clips)
Boxed to prevent damage in transit.

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Weight 1 lbs
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